September 26, 2021

Adoption Expected to Increase Due to Gay Marriage Law in New York

“New York, The Big Apple, eleventh to become a state in 1788, is now a state that recognizes same sex marriages. On June 24, 2011 New York was given this right, thus making it the state with the most same sex marriages by population. This is not a surprising statistic considering New York is the third most populated state in the United States according to 2010 census reports.

Although same sex couples have been legally able to adopt since 1995, gay marriage, or same sex marriage, was not legal until June 24, 2011, making it the sixth state to pass such a law. In the year 2000 there were a reported 10,700 children adopted by gay couples. That was the same year that Vermont began recognizing civil unions among gay couples. The number has steadily increased since then with a noted 19,000 adoptions.

Adoption Expected to Increase Due to Gay Marriage Law in New York

Director of U.S. adoptions at Spence-Chapin Adoption Agency in New York Susan Watson says that she feels couples may feel more entitled to be a family under these new adoption laws. These views are not shared by more conservative groups. Avi Shafran-Agudath of Israel of American is an Orthodox Jew who believes that adding children into what he calls “”sanctions”" will make this situation even more of a violation than before.

The new law would allow same sex couple the same rights as heterosexual couples, thereby eliminating other means, such as second parent adoption, when adopting as a same sex couple. Second parent adoption is one method that was being used especially by gay female couples to legally adopt a child. Lesbian couples would use a sperm donor or sometimes a willing male friend to become pregnant and upon birth that biological donor would relinquish all paternal rights thereby opening the way for the female’s partner to come in and adopt the child legally. Although the new law would make second parent adoption unnecessary, adoption lawyers are recommending that couples still do it in case they should travel to another state that does not recognize same sex marriages as legal.

Studies in regard to children adopted by couples of the same sex have shown that children thrive in these homes. Same sex couples who adopt tend to be older and more educated. There are no drastic differences in children adopted by gay couples as opposed to heterosexual couples. A child needs love, guidance, support, safety, and security, and same sex couples have proven that they are more than capable and willing to provide all of this to a child who’s only wish is to find a loving family.”

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