November 26, 2020

Requirements In Different US States For Who Can Adopt A Child

In order to adopt a child it is important that one have enough knowledge about the state specific laws and agency requirements, so that adopting a child becomes easier.

adopt a child

There are certain general rules in the US, but a standard rule says that adults who are considered “fit parent” can adopt a child, but there are certain states which have special requirements for becoming adoptive parents. However, in certain states it is a general rule which suggests that parents who are looking for adoption must be older than the child by certain number of years. In some other states in the country in order to adopt, parents must be a resident of a particular state for a specified period of time before they become fully eligible to adopt. If someone is willing to adopt through agencies then they must know that the requirements of such agencies can be stricter than the laws of that state pertaining to child adoption.

However, there are certain couples and individuals who might face certain difficulties to adopt a child than other people. This is applicable in the case of lesbian couple or a single man, but this is not the case with heterosexual married couple, but even then they can technically adopt. This is because all the states in US look for the best interest of the child when they go through adoption processes. The state courts also use the “best interest” as an important yardstick in the process of child adoption. This shows that adoption is not that easy considering the laws of the agencies and the state.

There are certain roadblocks that come in the picture when one is looking to adopt a child. Different ethnic and race background can be a deciding factor in the process of adoption. However, it has nothing to do with adoption in general but certain state in US considers this factor. For instance adopting Native American children is governed by certain federal laws like Indian Child Welfare Act.

There are even restrictions regarding gay or lesbian couples looking to adopt a child. In the case of Utah and Florida there are specific adoption laws that restricts these couple from adopting children. This however, does not mean that in other states the process is easy, even if this kind of restriction or prohibition is not mentioned in the adoption statute of the state; these couples might find it hard to resolve the case in court. It is even hard for these couples to get suitable agencies which offer child adoption facilities to these couples.

For single parents to adopt a child can be even harder because most agencies consider two parent families on top of their priority list and put single parents right at the bottom. In order to get custody of a child, a single parent must provide enough reasons and proofs in order to prove that he/she is fit as a parent. However, there is no special law that prohibits unmarried couples to adopt children. As most agencies consider two parent families, single unmarried people have to wait for long in order to get a child.

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