September 26, 2021

Amy Winehouse Adoption Petition?

Amy Winehouse may have died suddenly but she is still making headlines.

Amy vacationed in St. Lucia in 2009 for several months. During this time she became close to Dannika Augustine and her family, so we have been told.

According to the Sunday Mirror a U.K newspaper this relationship evolved into such a tight bond that Winehouse was in the process of filing an adoption petition to adopt the poverty stricken little girl.

Photos taken of Winehouse during this long vacation show her and Augustine hanging out together. These photos are the only solid proof anyone has as of yet of the relationship the two shared.

Augustine reportedly told the Sunday Mirror, “I would call her Mum. And she would call me her daughter. She took care of me, and we had fun together. I loved her, and she loved me.”

These sad words have pulled at the heart strings of many media outlets and the people who read them. But, is this a ploy from a family whom briefly met Winehouse during her vacation? Or was this something she had kept from everyone around her including her rep who claims the rumors of adoption are not true.

Autopsy results of her death are inconclusive and her family feels her death may be a cause of sudden alcohol withdrawal.

Maybe Dannika was the golden light in her life that brought her to the realization that drugs and alcohol are not appropriate for a mother to be.

All we can do at this point is speculate as to what her intentions were. We have a rep claiming that this is absolutely untrue. Then there is a little 10 year old girl telling a U.K newspaper that they were very close.  We may never know the full story.

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