September 26, 2021

Japan Adoption Affected by Earthquake and Tsunami?

Is a Japan adoption a viable choice for couples looking to adopt?  It is unclear the effect that the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami will have on hopeful couples looking to adopt a child from Japan.

Japan Adoption

Will adopting a child from Japan change after the recent earthquake and tsunami?

Historically it has been rather uncommon for Americans to be able to adopt children from Japan because of regulations, but some wonder if this may change due to the recent tragedies in Japan.

For more detailed information about how to adopt a child from Japan, visit the US State Department site on Japan Adoption.

It is clear that the devastation and loss of human life is widespread in Japan, it is not clear how many children may have lost their parents and family relatives, or otherwise become orphans.

The rescue and recovery efforts continue in Japan, so our heartfelt wishes are for the safe rescue of all of those affected by the earthquake and tsunami, and the swift reuniting of all children and family members who have been separated.  If you are looking for someone who may be affected by the earthquake or tsunami, you should use the Google Japan Person Finder.