September 26, 2021

Data Portability Policy

Portability Policy for AdoptionHandbookorg

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Adoption Handbook and AdoptionHandbookorg take the portability of your data seriously. Please read the following to learn more about our Portability Policies, or visit for additional information.

Identity and Authentication: NEW OR EXISTING ACCOUNT – Users can create a new account that is native to this site, or by using an identity authenticated by a third party that they trust, this includes: Facebook.

Broadcasting Changes Made Here: CHATTY – Updates made here are also forwarded to a third party.

Closing An Account: IMMORTAL ACCOUNTS – Accounts or passwords, once created, are assumed to live for as long as the product is available. Desktop applications and other stand-alone products that do not have host services may have no way to remotely revoke accounts or passwords.

ACCOUNTS DELETED UPON REQUEST – This product has the ability to remove a person’s account and all relevant data, and will do so when requested by the person or third party with appropriate legal standing.

Where Things Are Stored: DISCLOSED – This product provides information about where it stores your data in the real world. Information on where your data is kept: To find out where your data is kept, email .. Users cannot request to have their data stored in one jurisdiction or another.

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Portability Policy, version 1.0, updated May 18, 2010.,

Prepared by: Adoption Handbook Admin (AdoptionHandbookorg ) on September 29, 2010.